My picks of the month (September)

This month's pick is the first during my 'break' (you can read more on my break here). I had no pre-planned list of books to order but as I surfed through the 'Memoir' and 'Leadership' sections of the bookstore, I got excited at the options. I had initially picked three books on Martin Luther King, Jr. and later dropped two of them for

I present to you my picks of the month:

  1. 'I Am Malala' by Malala Yousafzai

  2. 'The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.' (Edited by Clayborne Carson)

  3. 'A Platter of Gold' by Olasupo Shasore)

Let me say a few things about these books.

Malala Yousafzai's incredible journey is one that I've admired for years. It is indeed an inspiration. This book is the best and most deliberate attempt I have made in closely following her story from the very beginning. I have no doubts reading it would be worth every second.

The two others are books that I've wanted to read for a while. While I have read a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and watched all his major speeches, sermons and interviews, it feels really different to finally read his 'autobiography'. I had read two biographies on Dr. King in 2017 - 'Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero' by Vincent Harding and 'Martin Luther King, Jr. (Life & Times)' by Ron Ramdin. And the books were an excellent introduction to the life of Dr. King.

'A Platter of Gold' is one book I knew I was going to read someday for two reasons. Firstly, I had watched a review of the book by the author on TV in 2018 or so and the programme stirred my interest in the book. Secondly, it falls under a category (Nigerian History) that is naturally a subject of interest to me.

I'll share my thoughts on at least one of the books as soon as I'm done reading.


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