My September Notes (1)

As I write this, I'm currently on a break from formal work engagements. My last day was on August 28, 2020. During this period, I plan to spend more time reflecting, studying, writing, doing more with family, and also importantly, spending more time with God. It is my hope that this period would be as refreshing and propulsive as planned, by God's grace.

I must be sincere that the reaction by friends and colleagues to this decision hasn't come to me as a surprise. My frank response to most has been that I'm just taking some off to 'breathe' - to spend more time reflecting and planning for the next phase. I feel so at peace with the decision, and very grateful to my colleagues for the accommodation and support that I have enjoyed over the past few years.

September is quite unique for many reasons. For one, it really puts it to our faces that the year is gradually edging into the last quarter and before we know it in this case, 2020 is gone. This year has been a lot. In an amazing way, the current experience has drawn our attention to the things in life that really matter - things like service in supporting those in need, a habit of gratitude, time with family and friends, purpose and fulfilment, and quality time to meditate and build a closer relationship with God.

I look forward with great excitement to the events in this month. And I believe that it will end with great memories and testimonies for us all.

Have a great month!

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