My picks of the month (July)

There isn't much of a backstory behind the list for the month except for one book that I've longed to have and read for more than a decade. The book was written by a former US President whose election to the Number-1 office was most historic and epochal. It was indeed a great moment of hope and possibilities for many people across the world. I will say more about the book after presenting the list, and I should add that this list comes with a first. It's the first time I'm including a novel.

Here, you go with my picks of the month, in no order:

  1. Dreams from My Father - Barack Obama

  2. Stay With Me - Ayobami Adebayo

  3. Heroes of Democracy - Joe Igbokwe

I first came across Barack Obama's 'Dreams from My Father' in 2008 or so, in the school library. That edition was a hard copy and must have been in the shelf for a few months. As a young student in secondary school here in Nigeria, I was really excited about the many things I saw him do and speak about during the campaigns for his first term in office. I admired his brilliance and oratory. I still do. His speeches were, and are, still inspiring. I must have read, listened to, and watched more than 50 of them, that is me being conservative, excluding interviews and documentaries. When going through the online bookstore, I came across the book again decided to purchase it. It feels really good to have my copy after these years.

I won't say much for the other books but I'm convinced they'll be great reads. Ayobami Adebayo, author of Stay With Me won the prestigious 9Mobile Prize for Literature in 2018. That was a catch for me. Somehow, I believe I'd made a subconscious decisions to switch things up a bit for this month.

Until now, I never knew Joe Igbokwe wrote a book. For years, he was the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) - the ruling party in Nigeria. That's the most I knew of him. Seeing this book authored by him stirred my interest in wanting to find out his perspectives on the heroes of Nigerian democracy. There have been many accounts on who did what during the anti-military struggles of the '90s in Nigeria. I believe it would be enlightening to read the views of one who is not only a politician, but a member of the ruling party in the post-military era.

I look forward to an awesome experience reading these books. Please have a great month, and make sure you pick up a book, too.


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