My picks of the month (June)

June is really special to me because it's my birth anniversary month. However, this year's 'celebration' would be different. Like many things we have had to do virtually since the wake of the pandemic, it would be great to experience the uniqueness of a virtual birthday celebration. I certainly look forward to it with excitement.

And with that, I present my book picks of the month:

  1. The History of Football in Nigeria - Wiebe Boer

  2. Groupthink: A Study in Self Delusion - Christopher Booker

  3. People, Politics and Politicians of Nigeria (1940 - 1979) - Bola Ige

I would like to say a word or two on the books.

The first time I came across The History of Football in Nigeria was during a discussion on the book on my favourite Bookclub programme (Channels Bookclub) where the author featured. I got interested in the book almost immediately mostly because it's on an aspect of Nigeria's history I have never read and looked forward to getting a copy for myself. This was more than a year ago, and I'm very happy to finally have my copy. Honestly, some other factors may have spurred my interest in the book. One, the author is a Nigerian-born German who has spent most of his working life in Nigeria's renewable energy sector. Two, even with a Ph.D in History, I still found it fascinating that the author would publish his first book on that aspect of Nigeria's history.

The book: Groupthink: A Study in Self Delusion is one book I think would be a great add to my library, and particularly so because I had learnt a thing or two about the concept of Groupthink some months prior. It's a topic I would like explore, hence, the choice.

Lastly, I didn't know much about Bola Ige despite having served as a former governor of old Oyo State and ultimately as Nigeria's Attorney-General/Minister of Justice before his passing. My attention was drawn to the book by a friend who shared a bookstore's post on Instagram that they had just four copies of his book - People, Politics and Politicians of Nigeria (1940 - 1979) left. I know my friend shared that post out of a belief that I would be interested. She was right. Reading the book would also be, for me, a good attempt to learn more about the author and the way he thought.

Let me add that these books were ordered from the same bookstore and delivered the same day (May 29). That's it with my picks of the month for June.

I'm committed to sharing my thoughts on one of the books at the least. Wishing you a fantastic June.


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