My pick(s) of the month (August)

The month's pick is one I looked forward to owning since the first time the author put it up on his LinkedIn and Instagram pages (I cannot remember the exact date). I finally got my copy today.

Although I'm easily fascinated by 'history books', the fact that this particular volume disscusses the history, heritage and culture of peoples in the 'Gateway State' (my state of origin) in the form of a 'visual portrait' further piqued my interest. The book is not only a good book but an enjoyable documentary.

Saying that, I am very pleased to present my only pick of August.

*Ogun State - The Gateway State: A Visual Portrait by 'Dayo Adedayo

The author is a very respected photographer in Nigeria, and has done similar documentaries of the beauty and treasures in other states in the country. He, perhaps more than anyone else, has travelled across the length and breadth of the country and representing to us nature's blessings that we so often overlook, and from which we can create wealth if only we tempered our fixation on crude oil.

I believe that readers will find in this volume, and in similar volumes, another compelling reason not to give up on Nigeria.


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