My first 'workday' of year 2020

Jan. 06, 2020

Today was not as exciting as I would have expected. On the contrary, I spent most of the day trying to get into the 'work mode'. I think this is largely because the 2-week break wasn't really a break in the true sense of it. In the midst of the struggle to get into work mode, I received an approval notice on a business registration that I had had some difficulty with. That moment was an 'ice breaker'.

Just over the weekend, I was assisted by a friend of mine who had a similar experience and was able to put me through. The news was certainly one of the biggest highlights of my day. Another highlight was also getting to share the holiday experiences with my very exciting colleagues at QMSL.

I get the feeling that it would take at least this week for the 'work to enter body'.

How did your first workday in 2020 go?

P.S: I spared some time to take these pictures. What do you think?

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