My Books of 2019

In this series, I’ll be sharing a review of the books I read in 2019 and more importantly, the lessons that have stayed with me. You can call this my Top Ten Books of 2019 in no order. As you’ll have noticed, there are more autobiographies and memoirs/history books on the list. They're my favourite reads.

Interestingly, I developed a habit of writing a note on the back page of some of the books I read. The note is my immediate opinion of the book as I finished reading. and I’ll be happy to share my back-page notes with you.

I’ll also share with you:

1. Portions of the book(s) I highlighted;

2. What stirred my interest in the book(s);

3. Why I think you might consider reading the book(s).

If you've read any of the books, I'll be glad to know what you make of them. For purchase, most of these books are readily available on online book stores.

P.S: I tried to reach out to some of the authors. You’ll get to know which authors I met in person or spoke with.

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